Claims Process

  1. Have a complete exterior inspection of your property performed.
  2. Contact the claims center of your insurance company, and notify them of the damages, and the Date of Loss.
  3. Your insurance company will provide you with a claim number, so please retain this, as it will be necessary for future communications.
  4. Typically, you will receive a call from your insurance within 1-3 business days of reporting the claim. They will provide you with the name and contact information for your adjuster, as well as a date and time that the adjuster will be coming out to inspect your property. Please contact your Representative from Artisan Construction Co, Inc., so that they can meet the adjuster at your property, and ensure your best interests are taken care of, and so they can reach an agreement on the full scope of damages.
  5. After the meeting with your adjuster, your Representative will discuss the damages covered by your insurance company, and you can choose the products and colors to be used on your home. Your representative will then schedule your project, and work should start on your home within two weeks.
  6. After the work is completed, our Inspector will examine all work, and do a complete walkthrough for nails and debris, and pick up any leftover and unused material. After the work has passed our quality inspection, Artisan will schedule a final inspection with your City/County Building Department.
  7. At some point, your insurance company will send their claim report and a first payment which is known as the ACV (Actual Cash Value). Once you receive these, please contact your Representative to arrange a time to have these picked up.
  8. Upon completion of construction and all paperwork is received, your project is deemed Complete, and Artisan will submit the invoice to you and your insurance company, along with your Warranty information. Once you receive the second and final check from your insurance company, the remainder of the invoice will be due.